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Vote for Terri-2017

Vote For Terri Isenhour

What is this?

An opportunity to raise $10,000 for the Band Boosters by simply voting for Terri Isenhour as the PGA Tour Valspar Championship Volunteer. Please follow the instructions and share with the links on the voting pages.


As part of the Copperhead Charities-the non-profit associated with the Valspar Championship- volunteering at the PGA TOUR’s Valspar Championship, they are helping the tournament raise an additional $30,000 for local charities.  If the Valspar Championship volunteers get 15,000 votes, and Terri ISENHOUR has the most votes out of all voters counted, the tournament and Copperhead Charities will receive $30,000 from Astellas Pharma, US and Terri will direct $10,000 to the Tarpon Springs Leadership Conservatory for the Arts.

How to vote

  1. Simply CLICK HERE
  2. Fill out the form (Example Below)
    Vote for Tony 2016 Volunteer

    Vote for Terri 2017 Volunteer

  3. Click SUBMIT INFO
  4. Share THIS link    http://www.tourchallenge.com/ValsparChampionship/Vote?entryId=1272

Having Problems??

  2. Click on Select PGA Tour Tournament
  3. Choose Valspar Championship March 10-13
  4. Click on Vote for Volunteer
    Vote Now
  5. Enter Terri Isenhour in the Search Box **Wait a moment it should autocomplete OR Click on the letter “I” and select Terri Isenhour “Select” Button
  6. Fill out entry form completely
    Vote for Tony 2016 Volunteer
  7. Click SUBMIT INFO
  8. Share THIS link   http://www.tourchallenge.com/ValsparChampionship/Vote?entryId=1272



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