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Tarpon Springs HS Winter Guard “The Bellboy” – 2020 WGI Scholastic World Atlanta Power Regional Champions

Performing their program, “The Bellboy”

WGI Sport of the Arts is proud to present:

Tarpon Springs High School

Director: Jeannine Ford

Conceptual Designer: Kevin Ford

Production Designer: Rick Subel

Character Costume Design & Performer Image: Molly K Favret

Bellboy Costume Design: Chad Duggan

Set Designer: Sara Solomonson

Narration: Wayne Harris

Soundtrack: Frank Sullivan, Inspire Music & Entertainment Productions

Choreographers: Tyler Edrington, Kris Galbreath, Jordan Casey

Instructional Staff: Jeannine Ford, Tyler Edrington, Kimberlee Elks, Haleigh Elks, Molly Favret

Student Prop Team:

Jude Gwinnett, Michael Marte, James Devins III

Special thanks to TSLCA Prop Team


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