Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble


The Leadership Conservatory Wind Ensemble at Tarpon Springs High School is a concert organization devoted to collaborative music making and granting the composer and his audience the most faithful performances of his music; it is an ensemble which calls upon the strictest of disciplines. We are devoted to providing concepts that will allow our students to become artists and in turn become responsible for their own learning and artistic discovery.Leadership Conservatory Concert

The Tarpon Springs Wind Ensemble has performed and received top honors at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C., Carnegie Hall National Wind Band Festival in New York City, the San Francisco International Wind Festival in San Francisco, California, The National Band Festival at Chicago Symphony Hall, the Bands of America National Concert Band Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana, and were National Concert Cup Champions at the Lincoln Center in New York City.

We Believe:

Music is intrinsic, and in every individual; it is connected to the human spirit and creative mind. We cannot duplicate it through any other form of expression, we cannot quantify it. It exists for its own sake.


Music opens the mind. Ongoing brain research continues to link excelled learning skills with music.

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Music teaches more than music. While these characteristics are not specifically tied to the study of music, they are a by-product of the process:

Presently, there are two Wind Ensembles in the conservatory. These ensembles are selected by audition only. Students are placed in the ensemble that best fits their skills set and that will allow them the most musical and personal growth as a performer. Wind Ensemble student expectations are to successfully perform Grade 6 and Collegiate Level literature. Wind Symphony student expectations are to successfully perform Grade 4 and 5 literature. In the Conservatory our curriculum is student centered and focuses on the development of the individual. All Wind Ensemble students are required to participate in our district Solo and Ensemble Festival and perform in our annual student recital that takes place in January and February. In true formal symphony tradition, students in these Performance Ensemble are required to wear black tuxedos for the men and long black dresses for the women at all performances.

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