Schedule a Shadow Day!

Our student shadowing program gives current 8th grade students a first-hand experience of the Tarpon Springs Leadership Conservatory For the Arts and the academic possibilities at Tarpon Springs High School, by joining a student through a portion of their day.

We offer shadowing opportunities on Tuesdays through Thursday beginning October 26 through December 17th. Each experience begins at 8:00 am in our front office, and will conclude at 1:00 pm. Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from Tarpon Springs High School. We invite parents to accompany their students in the morning to the front office to meet with staff, introduce the host student, discuss the morning’s agenda, and answer any questions. Parents should return to the front office at 1:00pm to pick up their student. Thank you for your interest in Tarpon Springs High School Leadership Conservatory For the Arts

To schedule an appointment to shadow, please complete the attached form or email Mrs. Heather Shan at

Shadow Request Form

This is a great way for your student to become familiar with the campus, the program, and the “family” of students with whom he or she will be spending the next four years. We look forward to showing your student all the things we love about the Tarpon Springs Leadership Conservatory For the Arts

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